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Guangzhou Yuzhan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, the millennium. For the exhibition business people, it is not only the beginning of a new era, but also a new beginning for the development of entrepreneurs. Yanzhe Enterprise has always followed the people-oriented philosophy of "people are based on the principle, business is sincerity first", and it is worthy of innovation and quality. Serve customers with sincerity and pragmatism. After years of development, the company has become a comprehensive enterprise integrating product development, metal stamping, mold manufacturing, die-casting and lamp assembly. Products include stage control series, moving head light series, LED film and television audio-visual lighting series, LED stage lighting series products. The products have been developed from the beginning of the entrepreneurial effect props, traditional film and television audio-visual lighting to today's product diversification, and the product is upgraded to electronic technology. The company is deeply aware that only by continuously improving product quality and technical content can we enhance the core competitive advantage of the company and develop more high-quality and demanding high-quality customer groups.


Ascend to look far. The company has strong R&D, design, production, technical training and engineering installation capabilities. It is one of the largest manufacturers and contractors in the field of film and television stage, intelligent control and audio-visual conference. At the same time, it is also a cooperative unit of academic groups such as China Performing Arts Technology Association, China Lighting Association, China Dance Beauty Association, China Radio and Television Association. Over the years, the relentless pursuit of high technology has established a high position in the industry.


To special achievements to fine. Yuzhan focuses on the R&D and production of each product, focusing on each pre-sales and after-sales! It is this kind of concentration that has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and has been successfully applied for product quality certification in their country by products developed by Brazil, Lebanon, South Korea and other customers. It has been rated as “famous enterprise” by the famous website “Hui Cong Network” for many years.


Enterprising, knowing difficulties. Entrepreneurship is difficult, and the exhibitors are committed to building cutting-edge enterprises in the industry. Since its establishment, the company has been pursuing innovation and leading the way. In 2001, the success rate first changed the way of stage smoke machine heating, and the effect of mirror pipe heating and conversion of smoke was still used by peers. In 2002, it was the first to use the spinning technology to successfully produce the aluminum reflectors of the chasing light series. This is a revolutionary success, and it solves the problem of the glass reflector glass frying cup in one time. In the field of control, it has also undergone various changes in analog lighting control - DMX512 control - multi-network and one control. In 2010, the company took the lead in the industry to launch "LED three primary colors" film and television audio-visual lamps, and in 2012, the first to launch "LED stage backlights" in the industry. In 2013, it was the first to introduce "230W high-efficiency follow-up light and 360 high-efficiency follow-up light" in the industry. This is another technological change brought to the industry by the exhibition company. The "360 efficient chasing light" came out. Due to his small size and light weight, he solved the problem of traditional chasing light transportation and power supply. In 2014, the launch of “LED Imaging Light”, “LED Spotlight” and “LED Follow-up Light 350W” made many plagiarists. This is a glorious history of the industry created by the enterprising spirit of the development of the people.


Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improving. Today’s strong national dream is to add to the strength of the Chinese powerhouse. The company will continue to make unremitting efforts to create a higher quality stage lighting series to add brilliance to the industry.


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