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I encountered the basic problems of the sound and light engineering and how to solve it?

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When you are working on a project, you will encounter some headlines, just look at the title of the more or less, light and heavy. If you are in a more complex skill category, then the title will increase. In some audio projects, audio lighting system equipment will be used, so that more titles will be encountered, and the skill requirements of the system will be different. Therefore, the title attack is inevitable, so here we introduce a little sound lighting project. Some titles.
Here, our needs are based on the characteristics of sound engineering. The planning of the project plays a primary role in the quality and development of the whole project. Therefore, the time of construction must be carried out in accordance with the planning and relevant standards, so that the construction can be greatly reduced. Most of the titles that have been published are reflected in the time when the title of the project is being debugged, and even during a period of time. Since it is a question title, it is often easy to deal with it. It is often a long time to look at it for a long time. The title still exists. Some time-sharing heads are incredible and you don’t see it. Then you don’t know what time it’s happening. It’s a headache, you must Everyone who works on sound engineering skills will have a different level of experience. However, of course, the title of these questions is reflected in various ways. If there is nothing wrong with the plan, then there is only one foundation for the title, that is, the construction link is formed, so even the question title is still It can be disposed of. The following are some common question headlines, based on the author's practical engineering experience.
1 device housing has a charged appearance
Since all equipment in sound engineering must use electricity, it is possible to first encounter some of the headings of the equipment housing when it is commissioned. Of course, the power supply of the casing does not necessarily affect the operation of the equipment, but it will endanger the safety of the user and must be completely disposed.
2 sound system volume is lacking
When the project is debugged, the volume of the sound is often small, which does not meet the requirements of the planned sound pressure level. This clarifies that the device has a title on the device and settings.
3 sound field resonance and reaction
Of course, there are real thoughts in planning and construction, but there are some localities that are not comprehensive and unpredictable, and the attack of these titles will definitely affect the normal use, probably to eliminate, find the order!
4 attack disturbance noise
There are many moments in the sound engineering that disturb the noise, and the causes of the attacks are different. Generally, it is very troublesome to deal with, but it only needs to be analyzed, and the reason for the construction of the system is gradually analyzed, and it can still be disposed of.
6 lights out of control
In the sound engineering, sometimes the lighting movement is uncoordinated, and it is not controlled by the controller and the unintentional accidental accidental action. Of course, some slight loss of control will not have a big impact, but the hypothesis is not treated for a long time. There is something that can be further expanded, and the malfunction of the lights is not tolerated in the performance of the project.
7 video images are not normal
The video transmission distance of professional audio engineering is generally long. Generally, the signal needs to be processed and distributed through video, and then multiple display devices are provided. There are many links in the center, and the quality of video images can be formed due to different reasons. , affecting the viewing effect, so it is probably disposed of
8 wireless speakers are not uncomfortable
Nowadays, most of the audio projects are equipped with wireless microphones. However, due to improper installation and debugging, there are an equal number of operating conditions, especially in the field. The operation of wireless speakers directly affects the quality of performances. This is a title that cannot be ignored, and the Shanghai Lights Audio Rental.
The above eight titles, compared with the number of skilled workers in the sound engineering, will encounter a few, so we must be careful, the details are the most important, the details will definitely win or lose, and the quality will be in the future.