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2015 Nanjing International LED Lighting and Energy Saving Lighting Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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Time: March 8th - March 10th, 2014
Location: Hexi Nanjing Expo Center (No. 199 Yanshan Road, Hexi, Nanjing)
Host: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Nanjing Branch
Nanjing Lighting Society
Acknowledgement: Jiangsu Provincial Lighting Society Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Committee
Nanjing Street Light Management Office
Nanjing Cityscape
Undertake: Nanjing Yadong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" will vigorously promote energy-saving lighting and develop the LED industry. The Nanjing Youth Olympic Games is another international event after the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, and the Guangzhou Asian Games. It is an opportunity for Nanjing to accelerate its development. “Green, low-carbon, energy-saving” is the essence of the green economy. "It is the positioning of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the Nanjing Municipal Government and Nanjing Qingao. Around the "Young Olympics" Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government made a strategic plan for the comprehensive construction of the city's top ten functional sectors. In 2013, the investment in Nanjing urban construction projects will reach 75.3 billion yuan. Infrastructure construction is still the most important, reaching 36.7 billion yuan. The investment in construction of functional sectors is about 22.2 billion yuan, and the investment in environmental construction is about 9 billion yuan. The construction of the Youth Olympic Games supporting projects, urban roads, subways, tunnels, bridges, ancient buildings, large parks, and trillions of engineering business opportunities have risen rapidly. It will bring a huge market to new energy-saving lighting electrical products.
In order to implement the State Council's strategic plan for energy conservation and emission reduction and green low-carbon economy development, and promote the technological progress and large-scale development of energy-saving products in Nanjing, the Youth Olympic Games will be used as an opportunity to cooperate with the municipal landscape lighting project in Nanjing to create a bright and colorful city. Night scenes, let more high-quality energy-saving new products enter the Nanjing market. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the market and expand the international market, the “2014 Nanjing International LED Illuminator and Urban Energy-saving Lighting Technology Equipment Exhibition” will be held at the Nanjing International Expo Center from March 8th to 10th, 2014. Co-growth with “Qingao”, taking advantage of Nanjing's geographical advantages and policy advantages, strengthening communication and exchanges between supply and demand sides of energy-saving new energy industries such as LEDs at home and abroad, expanding international cooperation areas, and aiming at corporate service activities, through product display We will strengthen cooperation in various forms such as technical exchanges, information sharing, and summit forums to jointly build an international trade platform for sharing resources around the world.
Meeting schedule
Report to the exhibition: March 6th - March 7th, 2014
Exhibition: March 8th - March 10th, 2014
Closing and closing: 14:00 on March 10, 2014
Exhibition range
1. Urban energy-saving lighting technology equipment:
Urban night lighting, lighting engineering equipment: urban set laser technology products, building floodlighting, outdoor lighting and lighting, pole and street lamp installation and maintenance equipment, lighting engineering design / construction / installation technology and equipment; dedicated substation and lighting Electrical control components, etc.; lighting engineering work vehicles, machinery, urban lighting monitoring systems, green lighting and related energy-saving products and technical equipment;
Second, outdoor lighting technology equipment: all kinds of outdoor advertising lighting system, lighting engineering equipment; all kinds of outdoor neon light manufacturing, application technology equipment; all kinds of outdoor laser, animation production technology equipment; all kinds of outdoor advertising media;
Third, outdoor LED large-screen display technology and application system equipment: large screen (CDT / LCD) display, monitor; plasma (POP) display and display / projector; all kinds of EL, FED, VFD, EPD and each A light valve display device, etc.
3.1, LED / OLED lamps, lighting categories: LED commercial / home / hotel / landscape / public environment / car lighting, solar lights and Christmas, wedding and other holiday celebration lighting;
3.2, LED / OLED applications: indoor and outdoor LED display, LCD splicing screen, LED advertising light source, LED module, LED illuminating logo, LED light box, LED stage lighting, etc.;
3.3, LED packaging technology: SMD LED, High power LED, Lamp LED, etc.;
3.4, LED manufacturing / testing equipment: MOCVD equipment, epitaxial inspection film; chip equipment and online testing equipment; device packaging and online testing equipment; light source, module and lighting testing equipment; LED purification and dust removal equipment;
3.5, LED components and materials: LED chips, epitaxial wafers, epichips and related substrates; LED phosphors, silicones, glues, substrates, etc.;
Booth specifications and fees
Standard booth fee: (3m × 3m) 9m27800 (RMB)
Net venue fee: 780 (RMB) / m2
Remarks: The net site starts at 36 m2 and does not provide seesaws, tables, chairs and fluorescent lamps.
Standard booth three sides 2.5m high enveloping board, one fascia board text, one table and two chairs, two lights, 220V/300W power socket.
Exhibition advertisement
Exhibition advertisements include conference advertisements and venue advertisements. Prices are as follows, welcome to participate.
The back cover.........12,000 yuan, two, three, 8,000 yuan, black and white pages.........3000 yuan
Title page.........8000 yuan Color inside page...5800 yuan Balloon banner.........3000 yuan/bar
Tickets.........5000 yuan / 20,000 sheets Others...
Exhibition promotion plan
The conference will be in "China LED Special Issue", "LED Technology", LED Global Online, Oriental LED Network, "International LED Manufacturing", "Guzhen Lighting News", "City Lighting Business", "Today Lighting", China LED Talent Network, 66 Advertising LED Network, China Procurement Tendering Navigation Network, China Optical Network, China Lighting Network, China Urban Development Network, First LED Network, LED Trading Network, Huaxia Street Light Network, Optoelectronic News Network, Lighting China Network, China LED Network, China Decoration Network, Baidu LED Network, Lighting Vision Network, China Energy Saving Lamp Network, One Light Network, High Power LED Network, China City Lighting Network, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, International LED Information Network, China LED Advertising Lighting Network, China Lighting Online, China Building Decoration Lighting Network, China Road Lighting Network, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, Semiconductor Network, China LED Energy Saving Lamp Network, China Lighting News, Good Light Network, LED Business Network, HC Audio Lighting Network, China Street Light Bidding Network, China Optoelectronics Talent Net, Lighting Business Network, China Designer Network, Shandong Lighting Network, World Lighting Network, China Lighting Talent Network, China Advertising Media Network, China Mingdian Lighting Network, Lighting Yingcai Network, Lighting Professional Network, China Lighting Design Network, China Lighting Network, Asia Lighting Network, China Lighting Bidding Network, China Zhongyuan Lighting Network, China Energy Conservation Industry Network, China Lighting Supplier, 66 Lighting Network , China LED Display Network, China Lighting Business Network, China Lighting Network, Buying and Selling Light Network, Lighting Network, Asian Manufacturing Network, China Automotive Lighting Portal, Guangxing Tianxia, ​​Gaogong LED Network, China Display Network, Huaqiang Electronic Network, China Advertising on professional newspapers and websites such as Intelligent Transportation Network, China Intelligent Parking Network, Neon 123 Information Network.
User invitation
n will invite urban lighting engineering units, lighting engineering companies, lighting engineering design and consulting companies, public property management units, garden design management units, municipal management agencies, municipal engineering companies and various street lighting management offices, real estate project units, engineering contractors , construction and installation company, material procurement unit; cultural stadium, hospital, school, military, machine Yang, port, railway, station, transportation, finance, securities, hotels, hotels, postal, shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarket chains, food and beverage institutions , entertainment institutions, industrial parks, factories, exhibition halls, architectural decoration design institutes and companies, advertising and decoration engineering companies, lighting products wholesale, retail, export, agents, domestic and international LED industry related units, suppliers, traders, distribution Businesses and other related units will visit and negotiate.
n will invite LED midstream and downstream manufacturers, finished semi-finished products manufacturers, buyers, application developers and architects, designers, planners/engineers, advertisers, real estate developers, decoration companies, property management, energy Suppliers, electric power companies, news media; importers and exporters, agents, wholesalers/distributors, lighting city operators, department stores, chain stores, online retailers, industry end users, engineering companies; government departments, agencies Institutions, design/planning agencies, procurement centers, research institutions, associations, etc.
n Printed 10,000 posters and 100,000 exhibition tickets, which were sent to the various advertising decoration engineering companies, lighting products wholesale, retail, export, agents, and domestic and international LED industry through the company database established by the organizer for several years. Units, suppliers, traders, distributors and other related units will visit and negotiate.
n The municipal street lamps of Jiangsu Province will be inviting to invite relevant industry departments, industry associations, societies, professional magazines and other industry leaders to guide, visit and hold lectures.
Exhibition supporting activities
Units that organize technical exchanges and new product launches pay rents of 3,000 yuan per hour. The organizers provide venues, lamps, tables and chairs and other supporting facilities and supplies.
● Exhibitors are requested to fill in the registration form, sign and stamp the official seal, fax or send it to the organizer.
● Exhibitors will remit the required participation fee to the designated account of the organizer within five days from the date of registration. After the exhibitor remits the participation fee, the exhibitor will fax the bank statement to the organizer for verification.
● The organizer will arrange the booth according to the order of the exhibitor. The deadline for registration of the exhibition is February 20, 2014.
● After receiving the payment, the organizer will issue a receipt, and the exhibitor will exchange the invoice during the exhibition with the receipt.
1. In case of force majeure, the organizer has the right to change the time and place of the exhibition.
2. Infringement, counterfeit and shoddy products are strictly prohibited from exhibiting.
3. In order to obey the overall situation of the exhibition, the organizer has the right to rationally mobilize the booths of individual exhibitors.
Exhibitor contact
Address: 418, No. 34 Zhongshan North Road, Nanjing, China Postcode: 210009
Tel: 025-83227379 83229051 Fax: 025-83227379
Website: http://www.Eastasia-ad.cn