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Bar lighting design

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The design of modern bars is mainly based on simplicity and crispness, but the simplicity is not monotonous. The design of the lamps in the bar is also simple and clear. This means that the words are concise and the composition should be clear.
The bar serves as a service place, the atmosphere is very important, and the lighting plan is an important element that affects the atmosphere. How to plan the bar lights, the bar lighting plan is not only the planning of several downlights and spotlights, but also how to improve the bar light planning. Have knowledge. The modern bar planning is mainly based on conciseness and clarity. However, conciseness is not monotonous. The lighting planning in the bar is also simple and clear. This means that the text is concise and the composition should be clear. Today's lighting planning needs are more extensive and more focused on the form of expression. The planning of thousands of people is now unable to meet the needs of the era. Therefore, the idea and innovation of lighting are still the first in bar planning. At the Guangzhou World Lights and Sounds Exhibition, dozens of professional lighting manufacturers exhibited their own housekeeping skills. It is the epitome of the most gathering of the lights, and it also represents some trends in career development.
The creative needs of the bar lighting plan capture the primary characteristics of the bar and sensitively use the relevant elements of the bar planning. Today, everyone's planning for the bar lights is not just about how the lights are arranged, the bottom of the bar is blue, with or without Scanning, but pay attention to the novelty and reasonableness of the whole appearance, including the outstanding and well-distributed theme on the composition, as well as the harmony of the neon light source brightness, light color, light and shadow, the reasonable distribution of the orientation, direct, transmission, and diffuse The level and direction of shooting, the organization of strength and glare, the control method and program direction, speed, blending with the environment around the bar, manufacturing, specification and convenience of the device, simple repair, reasonable cost, high security, and compliance with relevant regulations , guidelines, regulations and other inductive elements. When planning a bar to light up, it is necessary to make a specific way to express the concept and innovation. The graphic of the plan is the most direct way to express it. The bar lighting concept can be blended with physics and psychology by means of ritual thinking and visual communication. General knowledge of various disciplines such as science, physiology, sociology, linguistics, aesthetics and philosophy.