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On the common problems of Shaking beam lamp

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Shaking beam lamp is one of the necessary lamps for stage lighting. It is a kind of more precise equipment, which integrates electronics, machinery and optics. It has high requirements for environment, transportation and use, so its failure rate is also high. The engineer or lighting engineer shall be familiar with the common faults and problems. Yuzhan light combined with the common failure phenomenon of computer shaking beam light, analyzed the possible causes.
(1) No response after startup
1. Whether the power supply is normal and whether the power cord of the lamp falls off;
2. Whether the safety tube of the lamp is burnt;
3. Whether the switch power supply of lamps has output voltage.
(2) The machine is not bright
1. First, judge whether the bulb is good or not, check whether the bulb core contact is burnt out, and whether the bulb core itself is broken.
2. When the lamp is in the state of spot bubble, measure whether the output of the spot bubble voltage of the main board is normal, which is generally 10-12v.
3. If the above two points are correct, measure whether the PFC output (the input end of the lamp lighter) has about 380V AC voltage output. If there is an output, it indicates that the PFC is good, so it can be directly determined whether there is a problem with the lamp lighter.
(3) Horizontal and vertical (x / Y axis) out of step, no positioning:
1. Too much dust on the lotus root causes that the infrared light cannot be controlled in place;
2. If the lotus root plate is damaged, the distance between the lotus root plate and the lotus root is not adjusted properly (when removing, the lotus root plate should be in the middle of the lotus root plate, and there should be no scratch, collision, and collision).
(4) Bulb auto defoaming
1. When the bulb goes out of foam, it will automatically light up again after a period of time. Check whether the cooling system works normally. If the cooling system fails, the temperature in the lamp body will be too high, and the temperature control switch will automatically jump off, so as to ensure the safe use of the lamp. When the electronic lighting is off, the lamp will automatically light up when the temperature of the lamp body decreases.
2. After the bulb is out of bubble, it can't automatically light up: the bulb has its own problems. The surface of the bulb sphere is white, and the interior is black. After a period of light bubble, there will also be the phenomenon of out of bubble (the end of bulb life).
3. In the case of no control signal for a long time, the lamp will also have automatic protection of flameout, and will automatically light up when the signal is turned on.
(5) The pattern disk, color disk, prism and focusing are stuck, shaken and out of step
1. Generally, the jamming is caused by mechanical reasons. At this time, the phenomenon of color chip jamming will occur, such as pattern disk, color disk deformation, loose screws of fixed parts, pop-up of compression spring of fixed pattern, etc.
2. Jitter and out of step: the screw is loose or falling off, the chip of its channel on the main board is burnt out, the motor wire is in poor contact, the broken skin is short circuited to the ground, and the motor itself has problems.
(6) After a period of operation, the lamp will reset automatically:
1. The output voltage of switching power supply is unstable;
2. The wire in the line is loose or not pressed tightly, resulting in poor contact and automatic reset.