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How to solve the common troubles of stage moving head lamp

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Shaking head lamp is usually used in stage and square. Professional shaking head computer lamp is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. The common faults of stage moving head lamp include that the whole moving head lamp is not powered on, the bulb is not on, the bulb is not controlled or suddenly blows up, etc. once the fault occurs, it will usually cause great embarrassment and inconvenience to the performance site. Today, Guangzhou Yuzhan Electronic Co., Ltd. is going to sum up the solutions to the common troubles of stage moving head lamp.

Common fault 1: head lamp bulb does not work

1.Turn on the tail of the lamp body to check whether the bulb is white or black. If there are two above phenomena, please replace the bulb first and try again;

2.Open the two housings of the lamp body, install the trigger on the lamp post, check whether the trigger wiring is blackened, and replace the trigger if any.

Common fault 2: the whole head moving lamp is not powered on

1.Check whether there is a problem with the power cord first;

2.Check whether the fuse of power socket is burnt out;

3. Turn on the base panel of the lamp, check whether the ballast is powered on and whether the connecting wire of the internal switch is dropped;

4. Open the two casings of the lamp body, and check whether the temperature control fails at the position close to the bulb.

Common fault 3: the light bulb does not work when it is o

1. Check whether the bulb is white, black or swollen. In case of the above conditions, please replace the bulb to avoid damage to the product;

2. Check whether the fans close to both sides of the bulb work normally. If there is any damage, please replace the fans in time;


3. Please open two casings. There is a white temperature control in the layer of pattern and color chips to see if it is burnt out (if it is broken, it will not burst);

4. Open the two housings of the lamp body, and there is a heat dissipation window at the end of the bulb. After a long time, the air path can be blocked. If the heat dissipation window is full of dust, please clean it.

Common fault 4: the bulb of the moving head lamp blows up

1. First, check whether the voltage is between 220v-230v, and if it is more than 230V, it is possible to burst bubbles (so it is suggested that voltage regulators should be installed in all places);

2. If there is bubble, please check whether the bubble is caused by the long working life (the normal life of domestic bulb is generally within 300-500 hours);

3. Whether there is a problem with the quality of the bulb;

4. If none of the above three methods are available, the ballast may have problems.

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