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Stage lamp design creates good stage effect

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Stage cannot be separated from lighting. Stage lights can create a sense of time for the stage, such as morning or evening, reflecting the seasonal environment, summer or winter. It can also present multiple different spaces in a stage to enrich the situation, highlight the key figures, guide the audience to focus, render the stage atmosphere, and drive the audience to enter the mood.
Stage lamp is the stage lighting equipment. There are many kinds of stage lights, such as LED surface light, shaking head lamp, beam lamp, pattern lamp, etc. different stage lights play different roles in the stage art design, such as atmosphere rendering, character highlighting, stage creating environment, etc.
  LED surface light
  As a kind of cold light source and warm light source, LED surface light lamp usually irradiates the whole stage area from the top or both sides of the stage, so as to provide basic light and front lighting for the stage. The surface light lamp needs to project the whole stage and cooperate with the top light. Its light is soft and the illumination is uniform, which provides good shooting effect for photography.

  Shaking lamp
The moving head lamp is widely used in some places such as stage, KTV, bar and so on. The remote control lamp has good positioning performance and good heat dissipation performance. At the same time, it has better performance in terms of heat dissipation and is not suitable for use.
  Beam lamp
The light produced by the beam lamp is columnar, with strong light intensity, large illumination distance, and similar lighting effect with laser. In hot scenes such as band performance, hip-hop dance and other hot scenes, the beam can be adjusted according to the music rhythm to strengthen the rhythm, mobilize the audience's emotion and ignite the scene atmosphere.
  Pattern lamp
Pattern lamp can project a variety of patterns, patterns can be customized, the beam for cone shape, large area of light, soft light, can project clear and recognizable image lines, and can create a variety of spot effects by swinging.
The design of stage lighting is not a blind pursuit of lamp position design, but the overall coordination of stage lighting. The selection of stage lights can not be ignored. Through the combination of various stage lights, the stage can achieve color control and environmental balance. With good lighting, the stage effect is not bad.