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LG personnel new trends: appointment of 44 executives, promotion of 3 new presidents

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He has proposed the company's global business strategy, assessing the marketability of emerging markets and new business opportunities. A spokesperson for LG said that since 2009, WaynPark, the president of LG Electronics USA, will return to Seoul as a global sales and marketing officer. Previously, Park served as the president of LG Canada and the vice president of Tianding Electronics Co., Ltd. As vice president of corporate strategy. The successor to ParkLG Electronics USA will be nominated for appointment in the near future.
LG Electronics announced 44 executive appointment announcements, November 28. Including the new president of three companies. The newly promoted executives will be in charge of home entertainment (HE company and global sales and marketing office. LG said that the new position will be opened on December 1, 2013, and the personnel promotion will take effect on January 1, 2014.
President of LG Mobile Communications, Zhong Shubo. Promoted to the president of LG Electronics, and continues to serve as President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications. Zhong Shubo is 55 years old. He has led the development of LGG2Nexus5 and GFlex smartphones. He has been a LG company for more than 30 years. He led the LG mobile phone R&D before he took over the mobile communication company in 2010.
Promoted to the president of LG Electronics, Hyun-hoiHaLGDisplai executives. Will be the president of the family entertainment company and CEOHyun-hoiHa is 57 years old, joined the LG company for 28 years, worked for LGDisplai for many years, worked in sales and product planning, and was appointed as executive vice president of LG, responsible for joint LG Branches to promote innovation and synergies.
LG Chief Financial Officer (CFO and Executive Vice President, Zheng Daojun. Promoted to LG Electronics and continued to serve as CFO of the company, 56 years old, joined LG in 1983. After taking leadership positions at LG Group and LG International, Zheng Daojun was in 2008. Appointed as LG Electronics CFO