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Conference room lighting installation skills

The lighting design of the conference hall is a very important factor for achieving the visual effect of the competition. The outstanding conference hall can provide a better sense of presence and enhance the meeting, in addition to providing a quiet meeting environment for the conference staff.


Bar lighting design

The design of modern bars is mainly based on simplicity and crispness, but the simplicity is not monotonous. The design of the lamps in the bar is also simple and clear. This means that the words are concise and the composition should be clear.


Several common troubleshooting problems for computer lights

Computer luminaires are an important type of luminaire. In the performing arts activities, it plays a role in setting off the atmosphere, rendering the stage mood, and mobilizing the mood on the spot.


The color of the stage lighting mainly comes from two ways

The color of the stage lighting is mainly derived from two ways: the light color of the electro-optic light source and the light color caused by the additional color filter of the electric light source (or the light fixture).


On the common problems of Shaking beam lamp

Shaking beam lamp is one of the necessary lamps for stage lighting. It is a kind of more precise equipment, which integrates electronics, machinery and optics. It has high requirements for environment


How to solve the common troubles of stage moving head lamp

Shaking head lamp is usually used in stage and square. Professional shaking head computer lamp is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. The common faults of stage moving h

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