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Will multimedia technology become the driving force for the transformation of the stage drama?

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Since the Western Industrial Revolution, scientific and technological progress has in fact had a major impact on Chinese traditional performing arts culture. This influence is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the progress of performing arts media; the other is the improvement of performing arts equipment. Traditional performing arts are mainly theater performances or stage performances. The progress of the performing arts media is that it has created a new form of performing arts, and the impact on traditional performing arts is enormous. Standing on the standpoint of traditional performing arts, we pay more attention to the improvement of performing arts equipment. It means that traditional performing arts should realize the ontological development through the scientific and technological support of performing arts and equipment, and actively conform to the times and influence the times. Stage performances encounter high-tech is its historical destiny and its era is fortunate. The performing arts concept that our stage performing arts cultivated in its long history has been regarded as the body of performing arts culture and resists the "invasion" of high-tech. In the high-tech innovation of the stage performance, the mechanical stage requires the development of new action design, and the numerical control lamps require the development of new drama awareness... For the technological equipment that cuts into the stage performing arts, it is regarded as "support" or as " "Harmony"; for the established performing arts, whether it is "watching" or "looking forward", this is an era choice that is related to the stage performance "survival or destruction", and also the challenge that the stage performing arts must meet!