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384 console

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: 384 console
    • Commodity ID: 1059881752555511808
    DMX512/1990 standard, 384 DMX control channels, optically isolated signal output.
    At the same time, control up to 30 computer lights, each with a maximum of 32 control channels, using dynamic light address settings.
    Built-in graphic trace generator (SHAPE), which is convenient for users to control the graphics track of the computer light.
    Such as drawing circles, gradient circles, lines, 8 words, waves and other effects. Graphic parameters (eg speed,
    Size, expansion, direction) can be set independently.
    30 chase programs, up to 100 steps per program. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat
    Control (SWING) or music sync control.
    It can run 2 chase programs, 30 preset scenes at the same time, and can carry out the lantern operation for 30 computer lights at the same time.
    Equipped with the MEM-CARD interface, users can save their valuable data using the MEM-CARD flash card.
    The LCD with backlight shows the operating parameters.
    Shutdown data is maintained.
    Power: AC90-250V / 50-60Hz High performance green switching power supply.

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