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350W three-in-one computer light
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350W three-in-one computer light

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Product description
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Light source: 350W OSRAM PHILIPS YODN (17R) can be used
Power: 470W
Lamp life: 1500 hours, color temperature: 7500K
Control mode: standard DMX512, self-propelled, master-slave
Control channel: 18/22 control channels
Color: 1 color plate, 14 colors + white light, half color, two-way flow
Replaceable pattern: 1 rotating pattern plate, 8 replaceable pattern pieces, one-way rotation, pattern plate can be shaken
Fixed pattern: 1 fixed pattern plate, 17 patterns, pattern plate can be shaken, can flow in both directions
Prism: 1 rotatable octagonal prism, another rotating row mirror, one-way rotating mirror
Light source lens: High precision multi-group glued optical lens
Soft light effect: adjustable soft light angle
Beam: multi-level beam angle change effect
Focusing: Linear focusing Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
Scanning range: X-direction 540 degrees, Y-direction 240 degrees, automatic correction positioning
Scanning speed: X to 2.6 seconds / 540 degrees, Y to 1.24 seconds / 239 degrees
Beam angle: 0~3° (Beam), 3~20° (Spot), 20~60° (Wash)
Strobe: Dual strobe structure, strobe 0.5-14 times / sec
Number of motors: 14 ultra-quiet motors, two of which are three-phase motors, 16Bit drive
Time function: record the total working hours and working hours of lamps and bulbs in the menu
Protection level: IP20
Net weight: 18KG
Size: 409 × 419 × 541mm
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