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Yunpeng Quartz Console

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Intelligent Control | Moving Head Light | Outdoor Waterproof | Mute Washing Light |

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Yunpeng Quartz Console
    • Commodity ID: 1059880990500806656
    The powerful system system of Titan V11.0/V10.1/V10.0/V9.1 is adopted.
    Core I5 ​​processor, 60GB solid state drive, 4G memory; channel soft distribution can store 512 programs
    Light library from outside to U disk input light library or console pre-programmed
    The knobs have different time adjustments, and the X/Y control is naturally smooth.
    Site copy list of channels can be copied
    Independent system lock function to prevent misoperation
    A variety of special effects programs are solidified in the machine to effectively support on-site change effects
    USB memory for efficient storage of field data
    Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi-language;
    Built-in 15.4-inch high resolution widescreen touch screen (industrial screen), external 17-inch touch screen
    Comes with 4 DMX512, 8 DMX512, 12 DMX512 output options, can resist 2000Vrms electrical shock, independent power independent signal.
    DMX512/1990 standard, supporting Art-Net network function, can be extended to 12 DMX output lines (domain), 6144 channels;
    10 megafunction buttons that allow you to operate the console faster;
    10 playback faders, supporting more than 1000 program playback;
    Powerful property control window, CMY\RGB color picker system;
    Support graffiti screen identification function;
    Quick and easy to use graphics generator, the built-in graphics of the classification are easier to use;
    Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the image thumbnail of the media clip in the media server on the console;
    Support Wi-Fi access, wireless control lights, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch) remote control lamps;
    Built-in thousands of light libraries, built-in light library editing software, you can edit the light library on the console at any time;
    Built-in Visualiser line lighting visualization software,
    Support MIDI time code sound and light synchronization function, you can also play music transmission time code in the console to control the lighting program playback.
    Net weight: 14KG Weight: 32kg
    Size: 680*440*170mm Size: 800*430*330mm (air box)

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