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Yunpeng - double screen touch tiger

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Intelligent Control | Moving Head Light | Outdoor Waterproof | Mute Washing Light |

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Yunpeng - double screen touch tiger
    • Commodity ID: 1059881024839573504
    1.30 replay faders, 10 preset faders, 40 Macro programmable function button panels with super high speed USB 3.0 interface, Gigabit network port. MIDI input control lighting effects and trigger timecode autoplay replay program
    2.3 metal precision photoelectric encoders, one trackball
    3.2 15.6" display, high sensitivity Taiwan 5-wire resistive touch screen, screen angle can be electrically adjusted
    4. Taiwan industrial motherboard, Gigabit Ethernet port, 120G SSD hard disk, 4G memory, I5 CPU, built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can run for 1 hour in case of power failure
    5. Leading Titan operating system, performance files are common to all Titan system consoles
    6.10000 virtual playback page turning pages
    7. Provide multi-language operation interface
    8. Built-in lighting simulator and light library writing software
    9. Multiple working windows provide users with easy operation and configuration of luminaire data
    10. Support Ethernet port output, compatible with standard protocols such as Artnet, Wendi, Avotalk & CITP
    11.4096 channels 8 sets of independent DMX512 output, plus Ethernet extender can increase the output channel to 10240
       (Extensible up to 32768 output channels via Titan Net Processor)
    12. With video media material thumbnail preview and operating system
    13. Unique "Quicketch" hand-drawn tool for quickly creating custom graphic annotations
    14.MIDI input control lighting effect and trigger time code automatic replay performance program
    15. Powerful internal light library can accommodate more than 4,500 luminaire materials
    Compatible with Smart Phones Android and Apple System Remote Control 16. Operate 2048 channels 4 independent DMX512 outputs, plus Ethernet expander to increase output channels to 8192. (Extensible to 32768 output channels via Titan Net Processor)

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