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240A console

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Intelligent Control | Moving Head Light | Outdoor Waterproof | Mute Washing Light |

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: 240A console
    • Commodity ID: YZ-240A
    1, the total number of channels: 504, the number of controllable computer lights: 20
    2, the maximum number of channels of controllable computer lights: 24 channels
    3, the maximum number of steps in the program (scene): 20 steps
    4, the total number of steps (scene): 240 steps
    5, the scene pause time: 0.1-25.5 seconds / step
    6, the scene gradient speed: 0.1-25.5 seconds
    7, storage capacity: 128K large capacity memory card
    8, input voltage: AC110-240V; 50/60HZ; 9V/1A
    9, size: 480 * 250 * 91mm
    10, weight: 5KG

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