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Pearl 2010 console

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Intelligent Control | Moving Head Light | Outdoor Waterproof | Mute Washing Light |

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Pearl 2010 console
    • Commodity ID: YZ-Pearl2010
    1, with 2048 DMX channels, 4 optically isolated DMX outputs
    2, can control 240 sets of independent address code computer lights
    3, set the memory drive to accommodate:
    4, --3000 other libraries
    5, --100 multi-show programs
    6, - external mobile storage card
    7, with theater and replay function
    8, built-in graphics effect generator, convenient for users on the computer
    9, the light is controlled by effects, such as drawing circles, waves,
    10, a variety of brightness changes
    11, can use the USB disk to store multiple user performance files and system backup,
    12, the latest lamp library file or console new software downloads have been added;
    13, loaded to the console.
    14, chase program music departure function
    15, power: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
    16, net weight: 24kg
    17, product size: 750X630X170mm

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